Dr Lucinda Homer

My Mission & Approach

Change means many different things to all of us. I am a midlife woman and know just what it feels like when life changes. I know what feeling stuck is like and how hard it is to find the courage to do anything about it.  

I refuse to sit and watch another brilliant, successful woman reach her 40s and 50s and slide into invisibility.

My approach is to help you recognise the link between your thoughts, feelings and actions. This will help you to find positive ways to gain perspective, take action, and cope with whatever comes your way. I will work collaboratively with you and support you where you think you need it most. 

How I can Help You?

Decision Making

Knowledge is power.

Learn how to modulate emotions to make better decisions.


Thoughts, Feelings & Actions are all linked.

Learn how to use your mindset to your advantage.


If your confidence and self-esteem have dipped.

Learn how to build, improve and get back your spark.

Life Balance

Change is inevitable.

Learn how to accept the change, grieve for the past and get excited for the future.

Navigating Change

If you have found yourself at the bottom of the list of priorities, it is time to get some balance back.

Personal & Professional Development

A major life change can give you an opportunity to evaluate what you want.

Learn how to go for it.

I’ve Been Helping Create Positive Changes In People's Lives For My Whole Career

Professional Background


I have had a long and varied career to date. I am passionate about helping others and this is reflected in my career choices and life long interest in education.

I qualified as a doctor 30 years ago, and worked in the NHS for 24 years, with 14 years as Consultant Anaesthetist.

I experienced a “Mid-career” crisis in 2016, which in hindsight was due to burn out, so I decided to make some major changes. I changed my career and re-discovered me. You can read more about that is this blog post.

Now I enjoy a portfolio career as a coach and as a doctor in the speciality of Aviation Medicine.

Throughout my career:

  • I coached and mentored trainee doctors and Consultant Colleagues, throughout my consultant career in the NHS.
  • I coached myself through a positive career change and left the NHS in 2016.
  • I enjoy a portfolio career as a Coach for midlife women and I work as a doctor in the specialty of Aviation Medicine.
  • I trained as a pilot in 2011 and gained a private pilot’s licence. That experience opened the door to aviation medicine and the possibility of career change.
  • I set up and manage two businesses Medflight Services Ltd, providing aviation medicals and VGR Coaching Ltd.
  • I had a very brief career in politics when I stood as an MEP candidate (West Midlands), for Change UK, in the Euro elections in 2019.


Professional Qualifications

University of Sheffield MBChB 1992

Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists 1999

Diploma in Aviation Medicine 2018

ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Coaches and Mentors 2021