Divorce Coaching for Professional Women With Dr Lucinda Homer

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Coaching for Professional Women who want to get divorced with:

  • Less Stress
  • Less Expense
  • More Clarity
  • Better Strategy
  • Strong Boundaries
  • More Time 

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Working with me will save you time, money and effort

Divorce can really rock your sense of who you are, impact every area of your life and affect where you will go next. Women who work with me can expect to:

Time is always in short supply and it is hard to find more time to cope with the extra demands a divorce places on you.

How will you find enough time to:

  • meet with lawyers and financial advisors,
  • make sense of what is happening,
  • complete paperwork, meet deadlines,
  • make hard decisions,
  • run your home,
  • support your family,
  • deal with the demands from your soon to be Ex-partner,
  • maintain your productivity and drive at work,
  • AND look after yourself?

That is a tough ask for any woman to manage on their own. You don’t have to do this alone.

The breakdown of a relationship reveals many thoughts and emotions, which lead you to behave in ways that can surprise you.

It is really common to feel intense emotions of fear, grief, anxiety, relief, anger, hurt and pain. Being stuck in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts and feelings can intensify your worries about the future and trying to keep everything together is HARD.

The good news is that there are skills, which I can teach you, to help you develop coping strategies.

By decreasing the emotional load, you can save time for self-care. Be kind to yourself and fill up your self-compassion tank. When you can do this, you will be in a better position to support your family and function at your best in both your personal and professional life.

I have seen the impact of divorce up close and personal with my close family and friends. 

My experience as an Executive coach and Doctor of 29 years means that I understand the pressures of work, leadership, running both business and home and bringing up children. I know that it is a fine balancing act at the best of times and that it is so much harder in the worst of times. 

I am here to act as your guide and support you in achieving your plan of action.

For Professional women divorce adds extra stress and pressure to to an already busy life. Learn Tips, Tricks and new skills to help you manage stress and regain control.

Building time for self-care into your routine is vitally important for your physical and mental health. If you neglect yourself, then you risk setting yourself an uphill struggle to get to where your post-divorce self would like to be. 

Learn how to set boundaries and get what you need, without feeling guilty.


This chapter in your epic story is not about me, it is all about you.

I am ready and waiting to be your guide. I will listen, show you new skills and allow you to find your own way. Every divorce is different and yours is the worst one that you can imagine. No one can tell you what you should think, feel and do, although plenty of people will try. You already have all of the answers; a good coach, like me, helps you to find them.

You will learn to be proactive rather than reactive, powerful rather than powerless, confident to make good decisions and build a network of support around you. Divorce does NOT mean lonely.

Community is a really important part of my philosophy, and so I have set up a network just for you. It is much better than a Facebook group and you will find professional support, a network of professional women, useful content and much, much more.

Let’s work together to get this done, so you can move on with the next phase of your amazing life.

You will be ready to take on anything life has to offer, with a new set of skills to build strong relationships in your personal and professional life – free from the baggage of your divorce.

Join us in the Divorce Village network

I have created a FREE community by women for women. It is a private space and requires approval (by me) to join. The Divorce Village is a place where busy Professional women, who are getting divorced, can take time out to recharge, learn something new and make friends. You will join a group of women, who really get what it means to juggle work, home and the demands of a divorce. It is a vibrant and supportive family – Divorce does not mean lonely.

As the community grows, the content will too. You will get:

• Instant access to a network of support

• Curated articles

• Original content

• The ability to follow topics which interest you

• The ability to share ideas and ask questions 


It’s more than just a workshop and it’s far better than a Facebook Group… This is a place for busy Professional women who are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of “stuff” that Divorce has added to their daily life. Take a load off and grab your favourite drink. It’s time for some self-care in the Divorce Village.

So what will it help you with?

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Face To Face & Remote One-to-One Bespoke Coaching Programmes

I know that some women prefer to work with the support of a group while others prefer one to one coaching. I offer both options and we can discuss which option will suit you. 


What my clients say...

“I Coach women To Overcome Obstacles Standing Between Them And Their Greatness. Don't let divorce get in your way.”

– Dr Lucinda Homer

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